Crawl spaces are the primary place for fungus to breed and grow. It can grow when wood is exposed to moisture and if it goes untreated it can be dangerous to your health. When humidity levels are high, it can cause plenty of problems for homeowners.

Fungus can cause many problems for homeowners, but one of the most significant problems is that fungus can cause health issues. Once it has grown in your home, fungus can drift into the air, potentially causing various symptoms.

You could develop symptoms including:

  • A stuffy nose
  • Wheezing
  • Red and itchy eyes or skin

Fungus leaking into your air can be especially dangerous for individuals with any sort of respiratory illnesses like asthma. It is estimated that 4.6 million reported asthma cases can be attributed to dampness and mold exposure in the home.

Fungus can also physically damage your home, causing wood to deteriorate and bend. This not only lowers the value of your home, but also makes it much less safe.

To reduce the risk of fungus in your house, try keeping an eye out for problem areas. If you know of an area in your house that constantly has a leak or a basement that floods, be sure to take action. Dry up leak spots and be sure to provide good ventilation to keep humidity levels down.

Increasing airflow throughout your home is always a good practice regardless if there has been a leak recently or not. Even doing simple things like taking a shower or cooking can create the right conditions for fungus. Be sure to properly ventilate these areas to reduce risk.

If you have fungus growing in your home, don’t panic. At JDC Pest Control we can help. For fungus removal we can offer a specialized treatment to eliminate and prevent fungus in your home.

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