Summer is in full swing — it’s the best season of the year, right? Well at least our kids will tell us it is. Summer comes with lots of fun activities like summer vacations, backyard barbecues, family reunions, all the other outside home activities… so what isn’t so great about summer? From a pest-control professionals perspective, it’s the surge in pests in and around your home and lawn. There is no denying that summertime keeps us pretty busy as the surge in insect populations rise around Middle Tennessee. Whether you’re enjoying a evening on the back deck with your family when a swarm of mosquitos leave you and your family with a dozen itchy bites, or a variety of pests take refuge from the heat in your crawlspace — the summer months keep us busy protecting our clients and their homes from unwanted pests.

Because we know this is a busy time of year and many of our neighbors are struggling with pests, check out 5 pest control tips to help you ward off as many unwanted pests as possible:

1.  Keep Your Yard Clean: Doing your best to keep your grass mowed regularly, removing waste or debris and keeping toys and other outdoor equipment in their proper places can dramatically decrease the potential for harmful pests.

2.  Get Rid of Standing Water: Mosquitos love standing and stagnant water. To help prevent standing water from happening, put up kiddy pools or water tables when not in use, keep an eye on landscaping, so that irrigation is not leaking and causing standing water, and check flower pots for stagnant water as well.

3.  Seal Your Home: Making sure your doors and windows are sealed properly is one of the best ways to keep pests out of the home. Whether it’s mosquitos, spiders, wasps or cicadas – looking for cracks and gaps and sealing those will help keep your home pest- free. A properly sealed door on your crawlspace is also important.

4.  Store Firewood Properly: Everyone loves a summer fire and roasting smores with family and friends. Many people have back yard fire pits and keep firewood at home. Make sure your firewood is stored a minimum of 5 feet away from your home. Termites and other pests love wood and storing firewood too close to your home can be a major problem. It’s also important to put your firewood up off of the ground and on racks.

5.  Call JDC Pest Control: Some pest problems really need a professional to eliminate them effectively. When you notice pests in or around your home the best thing to do is call us and let our pest control professionals eliminate your issue quickly, safely and effectively.

We hope you and your family enjoy an amazing pest-free summer – but know we are here to quickly resolve any issues that might arise. Give us a call at (615) 848-0025.