There are lots of flying, stinging insects out there in our minds trying to get us, but we all know they’re just trying to live their life and serve their purpose to pollinate our world. Of course a select few of them make us the delicious treat we know as honey! However, we want to focus in on WASPS! Now, wasps as a whole are quite important to our eco system. Some wasps are super pollinators and others are fierce predators. When a human encounters a wasp, generally you’re dealing with the kind that build paper nests, live in colonies with a queen and many workers. The two types of wasps most common to the United States are the ‘Common Wasp’ and the ‘German Wasp.’ To identify exactly which type of wasp you’re dealing with, it’s best to call your JDC Pest Control Professional.

How do you know it’s a wasp’s nest?
Great Question! Wasps’ nests are pretty easy to point out, especially once you know what you’re looking for. Common items used by building wasps to make their homes are tree resins, saliva, wood pulp and lots of different types of plant fibers. Some wasps’ nest will actually expose the honeycomb structure of the nest while others will only expose a small opening used for the wasps to enter and leave. The nests look a lot like that piñata you made in Spanish class – the identifying factor is very paper mache looking.

What’s the Prime Location for a wasp’s nest?
It’s good to know what wasps are looking for when choosing a location for their nest. This can help you try to alleviate their temptation to use your home as a building space! Wasps like a multitude of different locations to build their nests, like trees, and shrubs and even underground. It’s also not uncommon to find a wasps nest built under your roof, in your garage or shed, or in a window frame! Wasps can even weasel their way into your home through cracks in walls or broken windows! We clear plenty of nests each year INSIDE of our client’s homes – yikes! You may not actually SEE the nest, but if you notice an abnormal amount of wasps finding their way into your living areas in your home, or dead wasps around your window seals, it’s a great idea to call the professionals at JDC Pest control to have us out to take a look. Wasps need us and we need wasps. It’s just the way our ecosystem is… but we need a nice healthy distance between us to live harmoniously.

We get a lot of calls from local Middle Tennessee people with a little pesky problem… a FLEA problem. Yes, all infestations are frustrating, but flea infestations are extra special. A lot of times homeowners don’t understand where the fleas are coming from. You keep your home clean, you keep your pet clean, you flea treat your pet every month on the same day… but you STILL have fleas, how can this be? Well fleas are very resilient critters and they can hang out and survive during the winter in ‘micro-climates’. These little hidden flea metropolises can cause a lot of problems come warmer weather! Living in Middle Tennessee with our more mild winters and longer months of warm weather — we especially have to be aware of our potential bug problems.

Fleas can come from anywhere. Other dogs that your dog comes in contact with at the Bark Park, the squirrel living in the tree in your yard, the stray cat you innocently throw scraps to from time to time. Fleas are just like other outside bugs, they’re kind of hard to control – on your own. The professionals at JDC Pest Control can help make your flea problems disappear. If you have a flea infestation in your home, we don’t have to explain to you how much of a problem it is! No matter how your home is getting the fleas, either from hidden cocoons within your home or through your pets innocently bringing in some stowaways when they come inside the house – at JDC we can help get your flea infestation under control. We service the whole greater Nashville and Middle Tennessee areas- including Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Nashville and every town in between.

The flea life cycle is a fast one, and even faster during the warm summer months – keeping up on the infestation at the first sign of a problem is going to make the process of healing the issue a lot easier and quicker. Not sure if you have a flea problem? Here are few indicators that you may have a flea infestation.

1. Small bites around your ankles/ clusters of tiny bites on your body.
2. Actually seeing fleas hopping on your curtains, carpets, rugs or furniture.
3. Catching fleas on your pets – keep checking even if you’re treating them properly
4. If your pet is excessively scratching, licking or biting their fur.

Don’t let a flea infestation ruin your life. At the first sign of a problem, give JDC Pest Control a call and we will break up that Flea party before it has a chance to get started!

Squirrels are the suspects in thousands of house fires each and every year. Though no cases have been traced directly back to squirrels, the evidence is most certainly there. If you have squirrels living near your Middle Tennessee home you could be at risk of a house fire.

The number one most common cause of fires that result from squirrel activity is damaged wiring. Not that the squirrels are seeking revenge on the wiring for any particular reason, they just enjoy chewing on things, and your homes wiring is very tempting to them. A squirrel’s front teeth don’t stop growing, so they need to constantly chew to keep their teeth at a manageable length.

If you have squirrels nesting in your attic, odds are they’re going to start to chew on anything they can get ahold of up there, including your wiring. When the professionals at JDC catch a squirrel infestation they rectify it, and a lot of times the damage they leave is chewed on rafters, plastic, air ducts, and yes, the topic of the hour, your wiring! Many times squirrels that have fallen in the line of dental upkeep are found next to the wiring that electrocuted them as they chewed.

In addition to chewed wiring causing fires another leading issue with squirrel related fires in Middle Tennessee is overheating issues. When a squirrel builds a nest, they like to build in tight spaces, especially next to electrical appliances or even inside a vent. A squirrel nested in tightly up to your appliances can cause their nest the appliance to overhead and cause a fire.

If you’re hearing any mysterious scratching or scurrying noises coming from your attic or inside your house, don’t hesitate to call us to come access your squirrely situation! The JDC Professionals service all of Middle Tennessee including, Franklin, Murfreesboro, Brentwood, Smyrna, Nashville, Shelbyville and everywhere in between. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to check out any ‘scratchy’ situation!

We have all heard the horror stories, the itchy, skin crawling stories about hotels, theatre seats, restaurants, etc… Bed Bugs. They don’t just affect big cities— our Middle Tennessee homes and businesses are at risk too! We are all afraid of them, but a lot of people don’t even realize they actually are lying on top of an infestation. Bed Bugs have become an epidemic in our world today. They infest our homes, vehicles, hotels, theatres, offices, and any other place where people spend significant amounts of time. The good news is more and more of us are beginning to learn about the problem and be proactive in doing out part to resolve it. The best way to keep you and your family safe is to be informed about these pesky critters. Below are some common myths and facts about bedbugs. Stay informed on what the issues could be and at any site of an problem call the Professionals at JDC Pest Control to have your home checked out. We service Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Nashville and everywhere in between. Let us keep you and your family safe from these nasty, annoying creepy crawlies!

Myth: Consulting a Doctor can give you answers as to whether you have bed bugs based on your bites.
Fact: There is no way to tell a bed bug bite from another common insect bite like spiders, mosquitoes or even a bee sting. Bed bugs do have a signature cluster of bites, they move around feeding on your skin in close clusters. But even with a cluster of bites, one can’t be certain that it is bed bugs.

Myth: Bed bugs only feed at nighttime.
Fact: Bed bugs are nocturnal, but that is mostly because their host (us) is sleeping at night. Bed bugs will adjust to their hosts sleeping behaviors. If you stay up through the night and sleep longer in the day, the bed bugs that are feeding on you will change their sleeping patterns to match yours.

Myth: Bed bugs are too small to see with the naked eye.
Fact: WRONG! You definitely can! An adult bed bug is about the size of an apple seed.

Myth: Bed bug bites leave a reaction welt.
Fact: Actually only about half the time will a human’s skin react to the bed bug’s bite.

Myth: Bed bugs only inhabit beds.
Fact: Unfortunately, wrong! Though beds are a common place to find bed bugs, hence the name, bed bugs will also invade your living room, office, den or any other place where you tend to rest or spend any lengthy amount of time. Bed bugs typically won’t leave a 5 foot radius of their host (us), so it’s common to find them in night stands, baseboards and even electrical sockets or alarm clocks!

Myth: Over-the-counter treatments will get rid of bed bugs.
Fact: Sadly this isn’t true and can actually create an even worse infestation by encouraging bed bugs to move into other parts of the home. Bed bugs are very resilient bugs and sprays are only effective in killing the very weak bugs in an infestation. The strong ones can actually be made stronger by spraying over the counter chemicals on them. It really is best to call a professional to deal with a bed bug infestation.

Professional experience and knowledge is needed in the treatment of a bed bug infestation. Call the experts at JDC Pest control if you have any suspicions that you may be dealing with a large or even very small bed bug issue. JDC professionals can get the job done properly and quickly, DIY is no guarantee, with way too many possibilities of making the problem even worse.

With every changing season new pest issues arise and the best way to be prepared is with regular home check ups and pest protection. Call JDC Pest Control today for information on what pests are worse in each season and how we can help with Bed Bugs and so much more!


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